Original Pottery

Original pottery crafted by Tracey Rapson
My love of pottery started many years ago with night classes at my old comprehensive school.being a mum, wife and full time hairdresser the luxury of being able to practice and create wasn't possible at this time so I was very contented to look forward to the once a week classes. I learnt the skills of slab rolling, coiling, and pinch pots. The glazes were all ready in pots to apply and I delighted in choosing colours to decorate my creations.Jumping forward many years and a move to Devon I started as soon as it was feasible with local pottery classes, I met a great bunch of girls and looked forward once again to my Wednesday nights.Well things had to change dramatically at the start of 2020 with dreadful virus Covid 19. We had lockdown throughout the UK and all non essential businesses had to close including our B&B. This for me was the time to get creative and start my little pottery named 'Happy Pots'. I bought a kiln and a wheel and haven't looked back . There is oodles to learn but I'm loving every minute. These are some of my ceramics that are for sale and if they've sold and you would like that design please contact me for more information on bespoke pieces and prices.